Benitses, Corfu

Introducing Benitses village, a traditional village located on the east coast of Corfu island, 12 kilometres south of Corfu Town. Benitses village is a quiet little place where guests are greeted by fresh salty air, a warm smile, and the radiance of the Corfiot sun.

Wild flowers blossom throughout the old village, while leafy vines adorned with berries and fruit decorate the exterior of outdoor cafes. Our lovely fishing village, Benitses, is known for its refreshing local culture, wherein visitors experience the richness of the island directly from the people who live there. You’ll find locals chattering in slender alleyways, their laughter echoing off pastel stucco houses and their smiles lifting your spirits.


The natural beauty of Benitses is most obvious in its crystal clear waters: the shores of Benitses village range from aquamarine to cerulean, and if you have a sharp eye, you can spot small fish swimming around their island home. One of the reasons that the water is so beautiful is because of a seaweed-like sea plant named posidonia. While not too appealing for swimmers, posidonia filters toxic substances, heavy minerals, and carbon dioxide, making the water fresh and clear all-year-round.

In beautiful Benitses, time slows down, encouraging you to lose yourself in your own Mediterranean fairy tale. As you gaze out over the horizon, you can see the dreamlike mountains of mainland Greece and Albania.

While Benitses has a long history of rigid tradition, international tourism has added a touch of modernity to the village. This balance of old and new makes Benitses, Corfu, the ideal destination for those seeking the comfort of old-world charm as well as the refreshing nature of that which is new and developing.


Benitses is the result of two worlds colliding, combining in a way that is unique and gorgeous. It is precisely this enchanting contrast that draws thousands of travellers to Benitses village each year.

With traditional houses and old buildings scattered throughout the fishing village, you can wander the streets and melt into your Greek dream-come-true. Whether you’re passing one of the holiday resorts or simply sitting in a nice tavern, you’ll be welcomed with a warm smile. You’ll struggle to find friendlier people anywhere in the world than Benitses, Corfu.

Explore the rest of this page to learn more about Benitses, where Bella Vista Beach Hotel and Studios is located. You will find information about our beaches, tourist shops, and the many attractions in the surrounding area. We hope to see you soon at your home away from home, Bella Vista Beach Hotel and Studios!


The Barracuda Swimming Pool is a private pool located opposite Bella Studios; you are welcome to use it for free so long as you purchase a snack or a beverage.

Benitses is a child-friendly village that welcomes couples and families alike. Because Benitses is not a party destination, it is exceptionally safe – even at night. The community has a playground, and the town square is a common place for children to meet and play with their friends.

Buses to Corfu Town run frequently (approximately every hour during summer), and the bus stop is conveniently located across the street from the hotel. These buses from Benitses to Corfu Town are known as the blue buses, and the travel time from the bus stop near Bella Vista to the old town centre takes approximately 25 minutes. There are also buses from Benitses connecting to the southern region of Corfu, and these run every 2-3 hours.

We hope that after reading this page, you will be intrigued to see Benitses for yourself, and enjoy a holiday at Bella Vista Hotel & Studios. Mere steps away from the dazzling Ionian Sea and the lush greenery that decorates the mountains, you can never get bored in Benitses.

In addition to being smitten with the surrounding area, the many festivals and local attractions of Benitses provide an opportunity for both cultural and intellectual stimulation that guests are sure to remember for a lifetime.

Please contact our hotel for booking reservations or any additional information that you may require. We look forward to seeing you soon, and we wish you safe travels to Benitses, Corfu!